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About me: 

Hallo! I'm an artist from Finland, going by the name Suvi, or Nolluska as my internet alias. I've been in the doll hobby since 2006 and I've done commissionable faceups for a good decade - only now returning from a long hiatus in any custom work.

In the past few years I've been working on making eyes, horns and other sort of props for dolls to use and now I feel I'm good enough to sell them in a bigger scale. 

I'm also working on my own doll that eventually is going to be approximately 35cm tall and currently has two different faces. 


Alchemic Labo Unoa Chibi Roron Osumashi,
personal collection.

I love Unoas and I keep getting more and more, here's one of my many girls from my personal collection!


Faceup commission from 2016

I started doing faceup commissions in 2007, around a year after I joined the BJD hobby.  I currently don't do commissions on these anymore. 


Volks SD13 Shou SWD one-off.

Other one from my personal collection. I also love Volks dolls and I mostly collect girls in both SD and MSD sizes.


Currently ordering is made trough emails, if you see something you'd like to buy send me an email to and we can discuss things further.

Yes I do, but also IBAN bank transfers from people inside European Union.

Currently I sell ready made products only. I on the other hand will gladly receive any requests for certain colors but I don't guarantee I'm going to make them unless there's enough interest.


Nollusion Faceups CLOSED

Short version: 
- 2-3 months of working time
- 55€ + postages (Includes cleaning and in-scale eyelashes) 

Faceup commiossions and details

I want to give a heads up that because of my chronic illnesses, I have to plan out commissions very carefully and not take more than 2 at a time so I won’t burden myself with too many things going on at the same time. It is the first thing that might lengthen the period of finishing your doll. This is why I have listed the painting period of one head to 2-3 months but I might also finish your doll even earlier than 2 months. I can give updates when there are updates to give, but please keep the messaging to a minimum unless you have some important information or add-ons for the faceup instructions than was previously discussed.

✿ As a start; please notice that I will take pictures of the faceups I’ve done and I have full usage on the pictures of the pictures I’ve taken and I can use them wherever I want.
I’m at my best as girly natural faceups but doing anything out of the ordinary isn’t scary! I can paint realistically or as fantasy as it gets, who doesn’t love a little challenge!

I will not copy other peoples work but I can get influenced from example photos or try to paint something like some other person in the photographs. But if you want the whole faceup to be painted like person X, then please ask that person for a faceup, not me.
I don’t take photos of the works in progress, you will receive only finished faceup pictures. I’m sorry about this but doing this will stretch the finishing time enormously for me as the weather here is as quirky as it can be.

Faceup price: 55€ (+ shipping fees)

✿ Includes previous faceup removal and cleaning

✿ Includes eyelashes from my stock and glueing them on

Waiting time is 2-3 months for one head, starting from the day I receive the head. Waiting time may vary due to weather conditions since I live in a very wet/mixed weather climate. I might or might not take more heads at the same time to work on - you can always PM me for details.

Possible: I might stream the doll painting sessions on my Twitch account (Nolluska). Message me for more info if you’re interested in seeing your doll being painted live!

What I DON’T do:
- Fantasy parts painting, no horns or fantasy legs etc.
- Bodyblushings
- Manicures
- Pedicures

What I CAN do:
- Tattoos, price to be decided after size and difficulty
- Scars, price to be decided after size and difficulty
- Freckles and moles, free of charge
- Beards, free of charge
- Modifications like adding epoxy or carving/sanding, fee decided after discussion.
- Repairing broken parts, fee decided after discussion

For the faceup details I need, there are different possibilities:

You can give me free hands after giving me slight instuctions of what you’d like the doll to appear like. (Gentle, shy, confused etc.)
If you are very strict of what you’d like your doll to look like, from the color cheme to the eyebrow shape, you can give me example photos and I’ll carry them out the best I can.

- General color theme
- General atmosphere (realistic, natural, gothic, cheerful, sad etc.)
- Color and shape of the eyelashes
- Color and shape of the eyebrows
- Color and shape of the lips
- Blushing, the preferred amount.
- Glued in eyelashes, Y/N, color and size preference.
- Any add in’s, like beauty marks or freckles.
- Add example photos if you have any!

You can also give me some small story to read (if you have any) or some character information for me to get inspired from. ^_^

You can email me to: (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

Important, read this before ordering!

I will absolutely NOT work on recasts!

Also everyone under 18 years of age please note that I need a legal guardians written agreement on my prices and return shipping fees. I will also refuse to send items back unless I’m paid the full amount. I will ship items paid with Paypal, ONLY to the Paypal adress.
I will anyhow accept IBAN bank transfer payments from EU countries.

Postage, calculated with the lowest possible fee (no insurance or tracking, ask for a quote in those):

Europe (EU): ~12€
USA: ~20€

Check our Posti service out to see what it costs:
Other than those, ask for details if you cannot figure out the Posti -webpage. 

Layaway is not an option, the payment for the faceup must be made upfront. Postage you can pay later when I’ve finished the head and ready to post, as the prices might change over time.
Thank you for reading this ^_^

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